A New Way To Donate
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We’re Building A Community Of Change Makers



What We Do

We're on a mission to make giving simple, transparent, and human.

To accomplish this goal, we carefully vet charities and group them into thoughtfully designed causes.

With causes, you can reach more organizations with one donation and trust that your givings go to charities doing phenomenal work.

There's more.

To improve the philanthropy experience, we designed an easy-to-use dashboard.

Now, effortlessly follow the charities you've reached, monitor the causes you've helped, and get a total overview of your entire philanthropy portfolio.

This is just the beginning.


How It Started

The idea for Welfact was conceived in 2018 when Rob was compelled to contribute to a cause that moves him, Women in Tech.

As a first time donor, he was unsure which organizations were doing great work and noticed that larger institutions overwhelmed their smaller counterparts.

He looked for a way to donate to more than one charity, but couldn’t find a platform that provided this opportunity.

Moreover, the outdated websites, information overload, and lack of transparency further propelled a belief that this philanthropic experience could be improved. 

It was in this struggle that he came up with a solution that has manifested into what we've built today.



The Team

Welfact Donation Platform - About Us



Welfact Donation Platform - About Us




A Roadmap


In August of 2019, we released an Alpha version of Welfact. It was limited in capabilities and needed major refining - everything you’d expect from a scrappy first version.


After some major tweaks, we released a better version of the platform in September, and opened our doors to our infamous Champs.

Welfact 2.0

An upgraded version of Welfact is scheduled to release November 2019.