A New Way To Donate


Improve your charities visibility and reach donors hassle-free with Welfact. Connect with us today to learn more.


A Hassle-Free Way To Increase Your Reach.

Welfact lets donors reach more charities with a single donation and track their philanthropy with a one-of-a-kind dashboard. Ready to get your charity in front of the action?

Welfact Donation Platform - Charities
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How It Works

Donate To Causes

We group charities by the causes they’re working on and allow donors to contribute directly to these causes.

Track With A Dashboard

Our personalized dashboard gives donors an overview of their philanthropy, while helping them track their spending and geographic impact.

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Why Join Welfact?


Connect with millennial donors who’ve shown a proven interest in your mission.

automate your FUNDRAISING 💸

Get Welfact donations disbursed automatically to your bank account with an easy-to-use Stripe integration.


Join a group of #ChangeMakers and #DoGooders on a mission to make the world a better place, one cause at a time.

Welfact Donation Platform - Charities


Because there are no monthly fees, setup costs, or transaction costs for charities, we charge a small processing fee on every transaction, in addition to the credit card processing fee charged by our payments partner, Stripe.

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Our Onboarding Process


Request An Invitation

Begin your onboarding journey by requesting an invitation to join our platform. Here, we’ll collect the information we need to run our vetting process.


Pass Vetting

Once your charity has passed our onboarding requirements, we’ll send you an email confirmation and an official onboarding package with the next steps.


Connect To Our System

All that’s left to do is connect or create a Stripe account and finalize minor details. A Welfact representative will be with you every step of the way!


Schedule A Call

Still not sure if Welfact is right for your organization? Schedule a call to learn more about us and our process!

Welfact Donation Platform - Charities

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