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Company Updates

Company Updates

A Quick Recap of Life at Welfact


It's about a week before our Beta launch, and we can't help but reflect on the company's journey these last couple of months. From idea to full-blown product, here's a quick recap of life at Welfact. ⏰

Life at Welfact

A Quick Recap Back To When It All Started

The idea for Welfact was conceived back in the summer of 2018 when Rob (one of Welfact’s co-founders) was compelled to contribute to a cause he cares deeply about, women in tech.

As a first time donor, he was unsure which organizations were doing great work and noticed that larger institutions overwhelmed their smaller counterparts.

He looked for a way to give to more than one charity empowering women, but google failed to provide the diversification he sought, and charity ratings in Canada were severely limited. 

Moreover, the outdated websites, information overload, and lack of transparency further propelled a belief that this philanthropic experience could be improved. 

It was in this struggle that he came up with a solution that has manifested into what we've built today. A new way to securely donate to more than one organization.

At the time, however, he had no clue his idea would come to life the following summer. 

Life at Welfact

Taking The Leap

Rob and I met back in 2015 when we both volunteered on a student-run association at the university we attended. I'd say we hit it off pretty quickly, and in February of 2019, decided to join forces to bring this project to life. Only then, he had a full-time job and I, Catherine (Welfact’s second co-founder), was finishing my undergraduate degree. So we decided that come May, we'd work on Welfact full time and promise to give it our all for as long as we could. 

When May finally rolled around, we quickly started working on the list of tasks outlined during the three month lead up. Rob worked on developing the platform, which he discusses in-depth in our Tech Corner series, and I worked on marketing and growth. 

During the coming months, we slowly surpassed small milestones, like launching our social channels, acquiring enthusiastic early adopters, and getting our first charity to say "yes!" to joining the platform.

Before we knew it, the first version of Welfact was done, and with that, we launched for close family and friends. 

Launching for our family and friends was a necessary step in ensuring the product we were developing met the needs of our users and functioned properly. During the process, we learned a lot about what aspects of the platform worked well and which ones didn't - which we wrote about at length in one of our recent product updates.

So, where are we today? 

Life at Welfact

Today At Welfact, We're Putting Together The Final Pieces

Since launching for family and friends, we have tweaked our donation flow, offered more personalization options, and given the whole platform a design facelift. Aesthetically, it's now warmer, more inviting, and consistent with our official website. And on a functional-basis, we feel as though the platform now offers the flexibility we heard so frequently in the pre-launch reviews. 

But, as we eagerly prepare the final pieces before our Beta launch, we also look to where we are headed next. 

What's Next? 

Realistically, with a bootstrapped budget and a team that's smaller than it should be, we know that it's only an uphill battle from here. Acquiring the user base needed to become the number one charity platform in Canada will require a lot of creative thinking, collaboration, and help from people like you - who believe in our mission. 

Yes, it's a long shot. But, at the time of this writing, the Amazon is still on fire, and hurricane Dorian has wreaked devastating havoc on The Bahamas. So although this is a "long shot," we think it is absolutely worth it. 

Until our next company update, follow us on Instagram (@welfact) for more behind-the-scenes action.

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