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Company Updates

Welfact V1 Specs

Company Updates - Welfact v1 Specs

We're working on v1 specs to include in the first version of the Welfact Donation Platform. User testing and feedback will determine what features come next and what stuff gets weeded out, but here's where we're at to date.

V1 Specs to Expect:

Edit Your Profile

Editing your profile entails adding your credit card information, an email, and your location.

Subscribe to Causes

Similar to "liking" or "favouriting," subscribing to a cause insinuates that you're likely to donate to it.


The donation flow represents the steps or procedure a user will follow when donating. Given that Welfact is explicitly designed for giving, a donation flow feature is guaranteed. The steps a user can expect to see include:

  1. Setting the donation amount

  2. Selecting the cause they want to donate to

  3. Adjusting how to divide the donation among the charities included within the cause

  4. Reviewing and confirming the donation

Donation Dashboard

The Donation Dashboard is a feature you can also expect to be released with the first version of the platform, although the specs have not entirely been determined at the moment.

That's it for v1 specs, stay tuned for more information!