A New Way To Donate




Our mission is to make giving simple, transparent, and human. A part of accomplishing this goal is to vet charitable organizations so that you don’t have to.

Every charity featured on our platform has been evaluated against our system, so you can feel absolutely confident about your contribution. Here’s what we look at:



Where Your Money Goes

We make sure your donations are actually spent on the causes you’re giving to. We dig into each charity’s program spend and make sure their charitable activities are getting the largest portion of the funds.

We understand that it’s almost always necessary for a charity to accrue administrative and fundraising costs, but we believe these expenses should stay within reason.



Reputation And Reliability

Chances are that a great charity will have a great reputation. We sift through reports, charitable alliances, rating systems, and the Canadian government’s website, to make sure the charities on our platform are official registered charitable organizations with a clean slate.



Transparency And Clarity

The last thing we look at is how transparent and clear a charity is at communicating its mission, programming, and finances. By analyzing their website, we gather the most essential pieces of information and translate it into digestible content for their Welfact profiles. It goes without saying, that we prioritize charities that are clear about their work.


We’re always working on ways to improve our vetting system. If you’re a donor, you’ll be the first to know when something changes!