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Can Charities Onboard without Stripe?



Can Charities Onboard Without Stripe?

No, charities can only onboard the Welfact platform through our Stripe integration.

Why Do We Use Stripe?

Offers Easy Onboarding & Verification

With Stripe, charities can seamlessly link their existing accounts to the Welfact system in under 20 minutes.

Helps Maintain PCI Compliance

Stripe makes it easy for Welfact to accept and payout money to third parties. They handle compliance issues concerning payments - such as card network rules, money transmission, KYC, and tax reporting.

Don't Have A Stripe Account?

No worries! You can create an account as-you-go during the last step of Welfactโ€™s onboarding process.

For more information about Stripe, please visit Stripe.com