A New Way To Donate

Onboarding Steps


Onboarding WELFACT

Two Easy Steps!

Welcome to our onboarding segment. Once you’ve completed the following steps you’ll officially be hosted on our platform. How exciting!


Fill Out Two Forms


The Charity Registration form serves to accommodate two main points. The first is to establish information about your charity. The second, is to assign a designated point of contact between your organization and Welfact.

On a monthly basis we will send a batch of donation tax receipts to this designated contact person and we'll also reach out to this contact if any issues occur along the way.


To be featured on Welfact, an organization must meet the following requirements outlined on our Confirmation of Requirements form.


Connect To Welfact

Once you’ve finished the previous steps, and we’ve given your charity the go-ahead, the final step is to link your Stripe account to our system (or create a new Stripe account) using the following link.