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Product Updates

Product Updates

90% Done Welfact's Donation Flow


This week on #ProductUpdates: A small introduction to the 90%-done Donation flow, issues we’re facing with our Dashboard, and a brief discussion on partnerships we’re hoping to establish. 

Welfact Donation Flow - Thank You Page

The Donation Flow

At about 90% completion, the Welfact donation flow is starting to look and feel really smooth. For now, user’s are prompted to follow a specific pattern (that is: select theme > select cause > enter donation amount > edit breakdown and confirm), until we’ve worked out some of the kinks and build up our selection of curated causes (i.e., our Cause Cards).

After which, we’ll most likely introduce another donation route. One where users are prompted to give via the “Explore Causes tab introduced in our last #ProductUpdate.

Welfact Donation Flow - Select Theme

In terms of styling, the donation flow navigation got a small redesign. And as you might have seen in the introduction of this update, we’ve added a fun confetti layover to the Thank You page. 

As for the select Cause, the select Amount, and the Edit and Confirm sections of the donation flow, more work needs to be done. It’s no longer technical, but instead, deals with developing partnerships with the appropriate charity aggregators and information sources. More on this later.

The Dashboard

Although the Donation Dashboard looks similar to our last discussion, the overview stats are now connected to a user’s donation history. Which has, inevitably, led to a small dilemma… that of making the dashboard appear more lively on a brand new account. 

We’re thinking about incorporating a branded CTA image that replaces the first three squares (on the left) and entices new users to make their first donation. For now, however, it looks like this:

Welfact Donation Flow - Dashboard

The first version of Welfact’s Donation Dashboard will be simple but effective. The overview will include the total amount a user has donated, the number of causes they’ve supported (Cause Cards), the total number of charities they’ve given to, and their account type.

Immediately below the overview section is an area dedicated to the Cause Cards a user has supported. Adding a small layer of gamification, the Cause Cards will line up horizontally — showcasing a user’s philanthropic accomplishments.

A Word on Partnerships

Lastly, we spent the week working on partnerships with some of Canada’s most accredited charitable foundations. Although it’s a little too early to disclose agreements, we’ve been working on pairing with organizations that aggregate Canadian charity information (i.e., financial statements, project spending, etc.) or help with processing the donation transaction. Which, as it turns out, is a slight headache to take care of as a small — up and coming — organization. 

We’ve had some conversations, but nothing concrete has been determined to date. We believe collaborating with these organizations will help fast-track product development, as we’ll have complete access to a charity’s information* (rather than aggregate the information independently) and the ability to fast-track charity on-boarding—  saving us an incredible amount of time. 

That’s a Wrap!

That’s it for Welfact product updates this week! Let us know what you think, and feel free to leave comments/recommendations in the section below, through Instagram DMs, or by email at hi@welfact.com.

Crush this week! 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿

*Public Canadian charity information