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Product Updates

Product Updates

What We’ve Learned from the Pre-Launch


This week on #ProductUpdates: We talk about finishing the first version of the Welfact Donation Platform and things we’ve learned from the Pre-Launch.

Welfact Pre-Launch - High Five

The First Version of Welfact's Donation Platform is Done

In the last couple of weeks, we've been hard at work finishing up the Donation Platform. Features have been added, adjustments have been made, and the causes we're releasing with are up and ready to go. 

The platform includes key components we set out to create, as well as a new unique section we didn't consider beforehand. That is, a community segment on the Donation Dashboard that highlights some interesting statistics concerning Welfact's progress. It includes information on how many users have donated through the platform, the average giving amount, and the total number of charities we've collectively reached. The idea is to create a sense of community among our users, and after testing the platform with and without the section, it's clear that seeing our combined progress adds a sense of connection and purpose to the dashboard. 

As always, we plan to continue testing and iterating our way to being the number one charity platform in Canada, and the first step includes launching for family and friends. 

Welfact Pre-Launch - Community Section

What we’ve Learned from the Pre-Launch: Launching for Fam & Friends

In this small-scale launch, we tested for functionality and experience, and ultimately, tested to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Which it did, yet, some tweaks need to be made. 

#1. Improving the Onboarding Flow

In our effort to minimize the number of steps in the Welfact onboarding process, the experience became somewhat fragmented. Users were prompted to register with Welfact using an email and password, then asked to select themes that interested them. Immediately after, they transitioned to the dashboard. And on the dashboard, a small notification window popped up, prompting them to finish creating their profile (i.e., verify their email, add their address, and payment info). Only once their profile was completed, could a new user proceed to make their first donation.

The feedback we received on this initial approach was unanimous: make it flow more fluently. 

Our solution is to line the three steps together in a way that prompts new users to complete their profile as they sign up. Then, as the new user reaches the dashboard, their profile is done and ready to start a new donation. 

Welfact Pre-Launch - Breakdown

#2. Making the Breakdown Flexible 

As for the breakdown section, the main issues we received centred around the ability to select and edit which charities were included in the donation. For family and friends, charities were ordered based off of the total donation amount they had received. We would showcase charities with the least amount of donations first (up to four of them, depending on how large the user's donation amount was). Setting it up this way, charities were continually rotating in a direction, we thought, would benefit the whole. 

Reasonably, donors wanted more flexibility. 

They did not want to be limited to giving to the charities ordered next in our rotation, but instead, wanted the ability to choose which charities were shown in their breakdown. 

Moving forward, we're working on an iteration that allows users to do exactly this. To control which charities are included in their donation and just how many are included as well — offering complete control over everything. 

In the next product update we’ll walk through what these changes look like. But for now, we’re finalizing these adjustments and preparing for our Champ launch, scheduled to take place early September. 

Lastly, we wanted to give a quick thank you to everyone that tested out the platform and provided feedback! 👏❤️

That's a Wrap!

That's it for Welfact's #ProductUpdate this week! Let us know what you think. Feel free to email us at hi@welfact.com or message us through Instagram or Medium. 

Crush the week! 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿

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