A New Way To Donate

Product Updates

Product Updates

Marketing Site 2.0 and Platform Progress


Last week on #ProductUpdates, we focused on adding more life to our website and finishing the Welfact Platform.🚩

Adding Life to Welfact.com

The New “Explore Causes” Tab

We launched our marketing website back in May with little additional content or features for visitors to explore. But given that we’re now preparing for a soft launch, we felt as though more content should be added, not only to add weight to the site but to fill in any gaps users might have about what we’re working on. After all, without the actual product on hand, everything is still pretty abstract. For example, our “How it Works” section tries to convey Welfact’s value, without having a concrete product to refer to. This is, however, changing by the day.

For example, our “How it Works” section tries to convey Welfact’s value, without having a concrete product to refer to.

This is, however, changing by the day.

Welfact Marketing Website - New Tab

With the new Explore Causes tab, visitors can peep into what Themes and Causes we’ll be hosting on our website. Not all of them will be available with the first version of Welfact, but a good portion.

The goal is to get people excited about what we’re offering, while gaining insight into what causes they’d like to see included in the platform.

UPDATE: “Champs” Page — Same, Same, But Different

The first layout looked like it took a total of 60 seconds to put together, whereas the second bodes well with where we’re headed at later stages of development.


Welfact Marketing Website - Champ Status, Before


Welfact Marketing Website - Champ Status, After

We’re thinking about introducing different user tiers, as a way to somehow show our appreciation to early adopters and heavy users. An early adopter’s account (aka first 100 signups, aka “Champs”) will be tagged, and their Welfact profile will reflect a “Champion” status for life.

Not all of the Champ perks have been worked out, but the majority are depicted. One that isn’t, is a reduced transaction rate. For Champ Status to feel like a premium tier, we felt as though more value added was necessary. Stickers and exposure doesn’t fully embody our gratitude — not like a reduced transaction rate, at least.

This perk also works well with users who plan on using Welfact as their sole means of donating, or those who become longtime recurring donors. We’re still working out some of the kinks, but the new perk should be included in the landing page within the next month, and sent out to those who’ve already signed up.

The other proceeding user tiers will include different benefits and features. We’re still in the process of developing the specifics — like the logistics— but they’re scheduled to be up on the website with later releases of the Welfact Platform.

The Welfact Platform

Welfact Marketing Website - Platform Progress

As for the Welfact Platform, a lot of visible progress has been made since our last update (**visible to us that is, it hasn’t been released yet). The Donation Dashboard has been tweaked, although still not completed, and the Start a Donation flow is beginning to come to life.

This week, Rob’s focus is on finishing the donation flow and integrating the dashboard overview with data derived from the user’s actual interactions (right now the dash overview is a static image).

For our V1 and soft launch, we will not be rolling out with all of the Dashboard features set to be included in the platform — merely the basics! We will, however, push out the cool features lined up as soon as possible.

That’s a Wrap!

That’s it for Welfact product updates this week! Let us know what you think, and feel free to leave comments/recommendations in the section below, through Instagram DMs, or by email at hi@welfact.com.

Crush this week! 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿