A New Way To Donate

Product Updates

Product Updates

Iterations on the Donation Dashboard


We’re in the process of working on Welfact’s Donation Dashboard. The medium our community will use to set up their donations, track, and organize their givings — along with a lot of other, highly useful, features that we’re excited to share. 🌟

The first screen of Welfact’s Donation Dashboard is supposed to seamlessly depict a user’s donation history, including (but not limited to):

  • How much they’ve spent

  • The number of causes they’ve supported

  • The number of charities they’ve reached

  • And their account type

Welfact Donation Dashboard: Version One

This is the first version Rob put together about a week or so ago. Seeing it for the first time was absolutely surreal. I loved the light tones, the little bounce with each highlight, and its effectiveness at communicating the essentials. 

Welfact Donation Dashboard - Before

But, with a mission to design a platform that emphasized simplicity, we had to get technical about what functions were really needed, and which ones could be left to a user’s predefined habits or experiences. 

Questions like whether or not a logout button was needed on a side navigation — for everyone to stare at while using the platform — and whether we wanted to bombard our user’s with “donate now” buttons were asked. 

Our Answers: Version Two

To date, version two of Welfact’s Donation Dashboard (and the version I’m 80% sure we’ll be launching with) will look something like this. We’ve collectively ditched the sidebar, in favour of a black top navigation panel and got rid of a lot of unnecessary buttons. 

One of Rob’s “must-have” functionalities was ensuring our user’s inherently knew once they’ve transitioned from the marketing website to the Welfact Donation Platform. He didn’t want users to think they were still on the original site, but rather, that they’ve entered another layer of it. 

Although I agree with this perspective wholeheartedly, I was worried about maintaining consistency between the marketing website’s branding and the Donation Platform. 

Insert: the black top navigation bar

Welfact Donation Dashboard - After

On the marketing website, the top navigation is white. But once logged in, it seamlessly transitions to black. Telling the user that they’ve entered a different layer of the website. 

Welfact Donation Dashboard - Today

It’s a small detail, but we’re totally geeking out about it. We think it does a fantastic job at lightly indicating that our users have transitioned from one part of the website, to another.