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Tech Corner #0

Tech Corner - Intro to Tech Corner

Hi there! Rob here, the other half of Welfact, and the guy behind the code.

We decided to create the Tech Corner, a blog series to shed light on how our platform is built, the stack chosen, and what we’ve learnt along the way.

This post marks the first article in our series! To ease into it, I’ll write about an overview of our stack and the different types of environments we have at our disposal.

Welfact’s Stack

Welfact’s backend is exposing a RESTful API built with PHP Laravel while our frontend is packaged as a SPA built with Vue. 

Since day 1, our focus has been on user experience interaction, with smooth transitions between each screen and consistency in our design assets. Designing the look and feel of the web app has been a collaborative work made possible with the usage of Figma.


Driven from experience, I knew that at least three environments were needed to guarantee a consistent and predictable product. Setting up a local test environment was easy with the use of Laravel Valet, while our QA and production environments were a different ball game.

The QA environment is living on a Vultr droplet with git hooks set up that allows authorized machines to directly push to deploy a specific branch - making it live in matters of seconds.

A production build is triggered when a merge to the branch 'production' is completed. Continuous Delivery (CD) is delegated to DeployHQ with assets installed, built, compiled and pushed to our production server provisioned by Cloudways. 

And That's a Wrap!

That's it for Welfact's #TechCorner this week! Let me know what you think. Feel free to email me at rob@welfact.com or message us through Instagram or Medium. 

And as Cat would always say… Crush the week! 👋👋🏻👋🏼👋🏽👋🏾👋🏿

The Tech Corner is a blog series about Welfact as a platform, talking about challenges, interesting discoveries made along the way of creating, maintaining, and scaling this project.

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